1. How to use and take care the hair from us?

From the truth that many clients buy hair extensions from us and said that it is so nice after they use and last so long. However, some of our clients find difficulty in caring the hair after buying from us. That is the reason why we want to give some instructions from us which maybe help you for caring hair extensions so well.

Some instructions after buying hair from us and before installing

- You can wash hair or not but remember that wash hair with good shampoo and conditioner and only brush the hair from the ends to the roots for not tangle hair, specially with curly hair.

- Don’t brush curly hair before washing because it is steam curly so if you brush it without water and conditioner, the hair will become rough and ruffle.

- If you run your hands over the hair, it is not silky and seems tangle, only need to wash it because we remove all tangle hair before making hair for you.

- Let the hair dry naturally, don’t use dryer

- With closure/frontal, be careful when you want to bleach the lace, it inquires high skill because the hair will be easy to shedding if you don’t bleach well. So we recommend you to make it in salon.

- Don’t let the hair in the package so long because it will have bad smell then.

- Don’t let the hair in the sun or wind so long, it will be very dry.

Some suggestions when you care your hair extensions

Brush your hair extensions

You should you a loop-brush, then separate the hair into two sections left side and right side. Brush each section from the ends to the roots of hair. (Don’t brush from the roots to the ends). When you brush from the ends to the roots of hair, it will brushes out any tangles and avoids a sudden tug on the extensions if your brushing out a tangle. When brushing near the roots, brush gently.

We recommend you to brush in the morning and night.

Wash your hair extensions

Use good quality shampoo and conditioner. Brush your hair through before you wet and wash. Don’t use shower pressure on full force blasting on your hair. Wet your hair thoroughly and shampoo in a downwards directions. In other words, don’t pile all your hair on top of your head and mosh it all around. Massage your scalp with your fingers and smooth through. Rinse the shampoo out well. The add the conditioner through your lengths. Usually its not needed near the roots or scalp. You should use a conditioning mask once a week on the mid section through to the ends of the hair to keep it lustrous and silky.

Rinse the conditioner out, dry with a towel but don’t wrap it up on top of your head or rough it around with the towel. Just use it to pat out excess water. Add a leave in moisture products and heat protector if you are going to blow dry it off. Remember, when extensions are wet, they arre more prone to slipping so be most gently during the washing process.

You can keep a spray bottle of water mixed with conditioner and spray the hair extensions through mid to lengths before starting the wash. This helps avoiding over drying from frequent shampoo washes.

Styling hair extensions

When you make stlye, avoid using hair spray because it has a lot of alcohol in it, this drys out the hair and can cause breakage with frequent or overuse...in your own natural hair too.

Avoid holding heat near the bonds, at the root of your hair for too long.

Coloring your hair extensions

Real human hair extensions can take color well. You can color your hair with the extensions attached. Coloring your roots is fine, or running a full semi-permanant color through the hair is usually also fine. It must be professional quality color used and done by a professional experienced with hair extensions. The main rule here is, never try and lighten your hair extensions if you are using not so good hair extensions because this will cause the condition of the extensions to become quite dry and unruly. The exception is on raw hair which can take the process of lightening reasonably well. Though it will react as your own hair does to lightening and can still be at risk of becoming very dry. You would need to consider how many shades lighter you are trying to go, eg. Level 1 or 2 to level 10 would be to ambitious and leave the hair fairly bad shape.

Gentle toner can be used on blonde colored extensions, provided the hair extensions are good quality, the toner should not cause any issue to the quality of the hair and will help blend the tones seamlessly. In general, we recommend to avoid coloring extensions if you can. If you do need to color your hair while wearing extensions, it is the best to arrange it just before your maintenance is due.

Hair extensions when you sleep

You should use silk pillow. Brush your hair through, put it in a plait to sleep. If you don’t want to plait it for the sake of having wavy hair in the morning, you can get a silk wrap and wrap it around a low ponytail from the tie to the ends. Never go to bed with wet hair.

Someone also often takes off the hair extensions before going to bed, this is a good suggestion.

If you have any specific questions or tips for looking after your hair extensions, we would love to hear from you.

  1. What is quality of your hair?

All of our hair is 100% real human hair full cuticle, tangle free, no synthetic and last long at least 3 years, even to 9 years with raw hair. Raw hair is the best quality from us and in the market now.  

  1. How long the hair typically last?

At least 3 years and more, depending on your care. Because our hair is FRESH and full cuticle, we have owned hair collectors, so you will get most Fresh hair

  1. Can the hairs be colored?

Yes, you can. But we advise that you use a professional colorist that specializes in coloring hair extensions

  1. What color does the hair come in?

Virgin hair only comes in natural color of the donors, black – dark brown to light brown and grey. You can indicate in your note and remark at the time of purchase what color you would prefer and we will try to match the best we can

  1. Why is your price little higher than some other companies in Vietnam?

Yes, maybe our price is little higher than other companies. But I make sure that: quality of our products is much higher too. It is not fair if we only see in price, we need to care about hair quality too.

Cheap price is related to not good quality

I don’t say: our price is cheap. I just say: “our price is reasonable”

  1. What kind of  hair do you sell?

We sell: original hair in bulk (one bundle from one donor head, also make machine weft from this hair if you want), machine weft hair, closure/frontal and wig

  1. What are textures do you have?

We have all textures: straight, wavy, curly hair. Only straight is natural texture but with wavy/curly we only make steam from natural straight, not use chemical so the hair still soft and silky, last long.

  1. Do you have return and exchange policy?

 Of course Yes. If you get hair not as your requirements which we agreed before, we are pleased to offer a return policy on unopened hair extensions within ten (10) days after receiving your order.
***Be sure that items must be in its original state ( as received).
***We do not refund shipping charges for orders returned.
***Customers must contact us prior to sending your return.
***The brokerage fees to clear the return parcel is $50/kg 
* Customers are responsible for all return or exchange shipping costs.

P/S: Customers will receive photos/videos of their order to confirm before shipping.We suggest you deep conditioner the hair the same as the video we sent to get the best result
We still accept a return if you only wash/comb/deep conditioner as we understand that you need to check out the hair. We do not accept a return for the hair that has already been made into a wig.

  1. How long does it take to ship and process the order?

With the hair available in stock, we can ship asap after your payment.

For large order take about 5-7 days. We often use DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS or CARGO for delivery.

  1. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 0.5 kg

  1. What is payment method you accept?

We accept: Western Union, Money Gram, Remitly, World remit, Bank transfer

  1. Do you have drop shipping services?

Yes, we have. You can choose our company for your best supplier to get the hair and sell as your products

  1. Your company is manufacture or trading company?

We are manufacture, we have owned hair collectors who come to all villages in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar to cut hair from donors  and owned the factory to make weft, closure/frontal and wigs customizing customers’ orders. This is reason we can control hair quality well, process all orders fast at good price.

  1. What is origin of your hair?

Our hair origin: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and Myanmar (Burmese hair). We have collectors come to these countries to collect directly.