The trouble our customers often complain about our wavy hair and curly hair

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For 10 years as a hair supplier with raw hair we still often meet 1 big problem. Our customers often complain, especially for the first time customers buy from us: our steam wavy/curly is not as soft as other suppliers, even though it is very dry.
Why is our steam hair like that?
We study so much about that case and realize that:
Our steam wavy/curly is dry and not very soft because we do not use so much chemical for it. We tried some chemicals which can make the hair very soft, silky after making steam and even add those chemicals in the steam pot but we realize that the hair will not be very strong as before and it does not last long so we do not use any more.
wavy and curly hair
How do we make wavy hair and curly hair?
In fact, with our steam hair we only use steam and a little chemical to keep the style so well so when customers use it, they will feel that the hair is still very strong. But 1 thing is that the hair is often more dry than its natural texture.
wavy hair
What should customers order from us?
However, the natural texture here is only straight and slightly wavy so we often recommend customers to buy it if they do not want to care for it so much as steam hair. But some styles customers still like so much from us: Burmese curly, Loose curly, Kinky loose, Sun curly, Kinky we still make it for customers like it and these customers can use it very well and very nicely.
Which do we recommend to customers?
With customers like the hair to be very soft or silky, we recommend them with straight or slightly wavy and customers can make wavy or curly by tools then. The hair is still very nice then.
If customers want our curly styles, we recommend them to wash the hair only with conditioner not shampoo and comb by hand not by comb. 
More instruction in this video:
Some customers can let curly in hot water which makes curly softer.
Why don't we use chemicals for nicer hair?
We focus on raw hair, natural material which makes the hair very strong. Some hair lasts 7-8 years and at least 5 years, that is our strong point so we really do not want to use chemicals for our hair here.
curly hair
Do many customers still use our wavy hair and curly hair well?
Yes. In fact, many customers still buy and use our wavy/curly hair so well, even though they only order wavy hair and curly hair from us for many years because they understand our hair and they know the way they should use our hair which is not similar to some other hair. We really appreciate these customers and we hope to get more feedback and instruction from customers which will help us to be better in improving the hair and tell other customers to use it better.
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