How To Get The Frizz Out Of A Human Hair Wig?

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What Makes Frizzy Wigs?

Before letting you know how to get frizz out of human hair wig, we will find out the reason why your hair gets frizz. We are aware that just like our natural hair, human hair wigs also require regular care. A human hair wig can lose its quality and shine when you use different styling products and chemicals. People who over-style their wigs soon turn them vulnerable to frizz. Using styling tools regularly can take away all the moisture from the human hair wigs and damage them.

Always use a straightener and curler in minimizing heat. When you apply too much heat, the hair system can become dry. Since human hair wigs don’t receive any moisture from the scalp, they will easily turn dry and messy. People who think styling and heating are imperative should spray, heat protection to reduce any damage. You have to shampoo and condition the wig like normal hair.

If you don’t comb the hair before and after wearing it, there will be a lot of frizziness. Moreover, frizzy wigs can result in tangles. Frizzy and tangled hair don’t look beautiful. To dry the human hair wig, avoid using a rough cotton towel to worsen the hair condition. The use of a rough towel can also result in friction and clumps.

How To Get Frizz Out Of Human Hair Wig?

Whether you are a newbie or love wearing human hair weaves, you must know how to detangle and defrizz a wig. Since frizzy and tangled human hair can appear unnatural and dull, most women think maintaining the quality and shine of the hair is time-consuming. They feel uncomfortable wearing wigs that contain tangles and frizziness. Follow one of the simple methods to remove frizz and get gorgeous and shiny hair easily.

1 - Detangle your hair wig

The answer to the question how to get frizz out of human hair wig begins with detangling. At first, you can use your own fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair gently. Put your wig on a wig stand and separate it into smaller sectors. Those can help your detangle step become easier.

2 - Wash Your Wig Properly

This is the most important step to remove frizz from a human hair wig. Moreover, just like washing our hair, washing the wig is super easy and helps get rid of the frizziness. You must remove the knots before washing the wig. Take a wide-toothed comb to get rid of the knots and tangles. Be gentle while combing the wig that contains a lot of tangles and knots.

If you comb the wig by adding too much pressure, it can result in breakage. Then, fill a sink with cold water. Put the wig in the sink and rinse it after 5 minutes. Apply a wig-friendly shampoo on the hair strands. Run your fingers around the strands to remove any tangles. Be careful while applying shampoo in a downward motion.

Use fresh water to rinse the wig and repeat the process when required. Since the human hair wig is similar to natural hair, you should apply a conditioner to moisturize the wig. Rinse the wig again so that there are no chances of product buildup. Take a soft, dry towel to remove excess water. You can use a dryer on low heat to make the hair strands dry.

3 - Use A Conditioning Spray

When people have to attend a party immediately, they won’t have time to wash the wig. Conditioning spray can quickly fix the problem. Most wig wearers try conditioning spray because it is effective in defrizzing human hair. Since you want to learn how to get the frizz out of a human hair wig using spray conditioners, place the human hair wig on a mannequin head.

Then, lightly spray the conditioner on your weave. Avoid applying the product to the crown area because it may result in greasiness. Take a wide-toothed brush and remove any tangles from the wig. You can continuously apply styling products like mousse and cream at the end of the hair strands. Cream or mousse can help remove the frizziness that is still left. Moreover, these products can thoroughly moisturize the wigs.

4 - Apply Natural Oils

The last step on how to get frizz out of human hair wig is apply natural oils to soften your hair. Similarly, natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba oil can moisturize and improve the condition of human hair wigs. Moreover, these oils are known to remove tangles and frizziness and restore the quality and shine of the hair.

One can take 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it evenly to the hair strands by rubbing their hands. However, you should avoid applying the oil to the crown area. You must spread the oil thoroughly throughout the hair strands in a downward motion. Don’t over-apply the oil because it can turn the wig greasy. After 5 hours, use a dry shampoo to remove the oil effectively.

How To Bring Back The Shine In A Human Hair Wig?

Now you are aware of how to get frizz out of human hair wig, find out the best ways to bring back the shininess and smoothness.

1 - Remove Tangles

You can’t remove tangles from a human hair wig without the help of a wide-tooth comb. Hence, use the comb to detangle the hair strands properly.

2 - Apply Shampoo And Rinse The Wig

Place the wig and the sink. Run the water in the direction of the hair strands. Take some shampoo in hand. Rub it to create a good amount of bubbles. Then, apply the shampoo that includes bubbles on the wig from the root to the tip. This process can remove the oil, dirt, and any product buildup. Rinse the wig to remove the shampoo completely. Then, use a soft, dry towel to remove excess water.

3 - Apply Conditioner

Take ¼ teaspoon conditioner in your hand. Rub both hands together. Then, apply the conditioner using your hand to the human hair wig. Don’t apply the conditioner to the roots. If you apply conditioner on the roots, there are chances of loosening the precious knots. Then, use a comb to remove any tangle that might have formed during the shampooing or conditioning process.


We hope now you understand how to get frizz out of human hair wig and remove any tangles. You must remember the reasons that result in frizziness. Always take care of the human hair wig like natural hair to avoid dealing with frizziness issues again.

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