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Single donor hair from VUY Company has characteristics: 
1. This hair we do not mix donors, 1 bundle is only from 1 donor so the bundles don't  have the same weight (with other hair we mix from some different donors to make 100grams for 1 bundle).
2. Customers can make color well with each bundle because the color is pure color with no processing. Only with brown color which was dyed from donors before we cut but that hair also has quite a long time living on the donors so it also looks like natural color and it is very silky and soft.
3. Single donor hair has baby thin hair (other hair does not have) because single donor hair from us we choose from the best quality so we can choose the most silky hair for baby thin hair.
4. Single donor hair is not very supper double drawn as other hair because no mixing donor so we sell into donor 50 and donor 80. Donor 50 is normal double hair and its strand is often thicker than donor 80. Donor 80 we choose from the fullest bundles and the silkiest hair so if customers are looking for baby thin hair, they should choose single donor hair with donor 80.
5. Single donor hair can last 7-10 years even more with good care because that hair we only collect and wash then make bundles for customers. 
6. Some customers ask us to make steam wavy/curly from single donor hair but we advise that if you want to get the hair with brown tip and 1 bundle from 1 donor you can make it but if you only want nice style from steam wavy/curly, we recommend with raw hair not single donor because with single donor hair after we make steam, they are also steam hair and not totally silky and soft as the hair before making steam.
single donor hair
There are 2 different ways to cut hair from donors:
The first way: Trim hair near with head skin
This is the most favorite way with the collectors. Because this way you will get only long hair strands and the hair is very long but it is more difficult for donors who are selling hair for collectors. Their hair will need to be restyled so well then. But most people who have long hair often want to sell hair to get money so they ask us to cut the longest we can for them then they will have much money for their hair.
Video of the first way: 
The second way: Cut hair equal into 1 bundle
With this way, there is more short hair inside because cuter not choose only long hair as the first way but this way is easier for donors because they can make their styles nicer but they have less money than the first way. 
This is the reason why single donors still have short hair inside because we do not mix or process the bundle after we cut. We only wash and make a weft line for the bundles.
Video of the second way: 


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